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Your first sentence is a complete contradiction. My point is in a country founded on diverse principles homosexuals should be allowed to marry, benefit from joint healthcare, make healthcare decisions for their partner, benefit from a tax stand point as heterosexual marriages do. The do not want what "special" rights just an even playing field. You see their desire for equality isn't special because somewhere in your warped brainwashed mind you feel threatened that a gay couples could have a loving marriage to rival your own and it turns your stomach... Am I right? I agree people from all walks of life find it hard to accept the fact that two women or two men could love each other, and want to spend their lives together. Just as people in the fifties would have a hard time with interracial relationships. The main problem I have with your above statement is the fact that you are a very uneducated christian as it pertains to your holy book. First off saying I believe in this magical sky wizard the old testament was meant for the Hebrew people, and them only. So as for that section of the Bible it's a good read but holds no bearing on your faith, or your destiny for afterlife. The only mention of it's teaching referenced by Jesus of Nazareth was of the commandments. Now name me which one of the ten disapproves of gay marriage? So we can all agree the old testament is nothing more than a good read... Let's move on to the New Testament... Jesus of Nazareth never made any reference for or against gay marriage... I guess he didn't find it that important to comment on. Lastly there is nothing in the new testament referencing gay unions... So where has God condemned homosexuality? I would really like to know, and way to go eating that chicken sandwich Wednesday to prove you are the most arrogant christians on the planet.


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