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I have morals... I am 32 years old, never committed a crime in my life. Married to a wonderful woman I love dearly. I see nothing wrong with people who love each other showing it. This is where you have gone off the deep end... Somewhere in your warped brainwashed mind you have been conditioned to hate gay people. You were more than likely conditioned to this fact from an early age. But here is the good news... So was I, but you know what I grew up, and developed my own opinion. There is nothing in the bible, or otherwise that should prevent homosexuals from having the ability to marry, and live productive lives within their union. Stop trying to sell the non-christians on being offended by their "obnoxious" behavior. I get it, misery loves company. You want people to feel as you feel. It's time for you to realize gay people aren't going away. This is not a fad. Same sex relationships have existed longer than the human race... there are over 150 known species which demonstrate homosexual behavior. The people who you are referring to are Americans too.


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