Submitted by WWAY on Tue, 09/25/2007 - 4:43pm.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Firefighters are still working to put out a fire that broke out Monday night in Brunswick County. The fire has burned nearly 70 acres of forest land near the Lakewood Community in Shallotte. The fire didn't damage any homes in the area or cause any injuries, but it may take a while before things are back to normal. Smoke still filled the air almost twenty four hours after the brush fire broke out. Fire fighters are still investigating the how the fire started but confirmed that a recently lifted burning ban would not have prevented it. Fire fighters scanned they say that the worst of the fire is over, but cleaning up after it and securing the area could take several days. North Carolina Fire Services district forester Shane Hardee said, "We do have the fire contained at this point. However, it's going to be putting out a lot of smoke for a number of days to come." Hardee said the smoke could affect visibility while driving and advised anyone with small children or health problems to evacuate the area until the smoke dissipates. The fire department says that without some heavy rain, the smoke could take more than a week to clear.

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