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..."They address six

..."They address six different things that are NEEDED to sustain and not get pulled back into poverty."...didn't have to guess that this included "cultivating faith"...always an angle to charity. I know its a ministry but can't these orphans be helped without the need to push christianity on them. If things don't work out for them and they pray for something better, what are they going to be told when their prayer isn't answered? Maybe they weren't a good enough christian...or maybe, it was just god's will. Hey, its a good thing they're doing, just leave the proselytising out of it.It certainly hasn't done any good in Uganda where American evangelicals have helped in getting a bill signed that would put homosexual individuals to death or in prison for life because they believe it is a direct attack on the cohesion of African families. Plus, with the news lately and all of the chick-fil-a stuff, guess whose contribution, through another christian group, has contributed to trying to make this bill the kids, don't damage them with uneeded fairy tales


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