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Thanks WWAY.....for Keepin' Them Honest!

To anyone who is offended by WWAY posting this on the news; GET OVER IT! As for the assertion that, "The good ole' boy network is alive and well in Brunswick County.....REALLY ?????!!!!! News Flash!!!! As for the position that it shouldn't matter cause he was off-duty....Oh MY GOD! He's a public-official who's sworn to serve and he isn't a COP...he's the one who suppose to set an example of professionalism for his men and women who serve under him. He was sober enough to know he was probably going to blow greater than a .08 (.04 if he holds a N.C. Commercial Drivers License). Don't you think if he was sober enough to make the decision not to take the field sobriety test he was sober enough to know he MIGHT get caught and then he probably shouldn't have driven....DUH! He's just one in a long line of public-safety officers within Brunswick County who have drank and then driven and then been caught. Wow....slow learners!!!! Can you say Chief House from Oak Island? I hope that the town administrator from Shallotte and the Fire Chief make the right decision for the health of the department and community and either terminate him or allow him to resign. Either way, he's a shame to the badge and his position. It doesn't matter whether you're on-duty or not; professional behavior extends to your personal life when you're occupying a position of trust and honor. Doesn't matter...he brought it on himself.


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