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Brian Berger = Courage

You lambast Berger for lies and insults over several years, one price he's literally paid for fighting the corruption and big government waste of Barfield, Thompson and the other commissioners. Given what's been said about him for fighting the status quo and proven crorruption, as the fbi and sbi found and documented in detail, and the insiders like Barfield and his robin, jason thompson, approve of and have had roles in, if only not doing their jobs and not carng about fraud and waste of my tax dollars when many of us have lost wealth without our heads in the guillitine like Berger. Your insults against him are as false as the allegation he took hostages at nightpoint and jumped off a buildin, all lies but no doubt hurting Bergers career and job prospects. False allegations from those that poured tons of money into keeping Berger from being elected and opening the door to the backroom where old-timers like Caster and Davis did their real work, at taxpayer expense, made Brian a clear threat to the status quo corruption in New Hanover County. He's keeping his word (not the politcian thing to do) and that creates bitter enemies: vindicative theives like Cynthia Brown who hurt children and taxpayers, and sending a message to others that for the first time in memory, these public sector and nonprofit leaders who lack ethics and engage in abuse of their offices, might be held accountable someday. For a Change. Heather Blaylock has contradicted herself every time she's opened her mouth and now its apparent she doesn't belong in a classroom before being psychologically cleared she appears very unstable and "out there"

Berger isn't a politician being in a relationship with a single mom and psuedo adopting her children, he's rare in the entire state of NC in his passion and sacrifices for the public (it is called "public office" someone should tell our other representives). Courageous leaders and reformers like Berger are almost always attacked and subjected to evil lies and retaliation and intimidation and harassment by those who profit from the current system needing reform. Berger is no different and we should support him and keep our taxes down and govt out in the open. Would you make the sacrifices Berger has for principles and values? Few have and few would ever have the guts to do what Brian Berger is doing, and I can't see how it benefits him (he lost his house to pay baseless legal bills for pete's sake). Brian, thanks from a citizen who pays property taxes and has children in the public schools.


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