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While you have some good points Media Watcher, you have also been brainwashed like many others who voted for him. It is a shame that the only person who is blowing the whistle on government corruption is a man who does the same and engages in criminal activity. Because of HIS actions, many will probably get away with the same old good ole boy system that is in place.

However, you can not truly blame a woman who was simply protecting herself and her children. She told the truth on the stand. She didn't call the police when he violated the order, her boss did. Who knows why? Maybe because it was a violation or maybe because she was being vindictive for his calling her out on fraud. To blame the woman whom he was aggressive toward and sent 140 texts in one day and acted crazy, prompting her to protect herself is insane in itself.

Berger needs help. He does not do his job, expects to get paid for not doing his job, and is constantly in trouble with the law. He was ticketed for going twice the legal speed limit with a revoked license. He was held liable for paying damages to personal property. He has a protective order against him. He has gotten into public arguments with other officials. He has been accused of abuse by another ex-girlfriend (who is on the deed to the house). And his house has been in and out of foreclosure.

Ms. Blaylock never accused him of physical abuse. She was worried about his well being, and in turn hers and her children. She didn't cause his legal troubles. HE DID! He chose to take it to jury trial. He fought for it to be moved to another county. He wasted tax payer money. Anyone else in this situation would have been treated differently. He abused his position of public power. We don't know if he even paid for his lawyer!

Oh and the house was in foreclosure before this. He refuses to sell it at a reasonable price. He refuses to rent the house. His ex paid her part of the mortgage even though she doesn't live there. The money never made it to the bank.

Stop making excuses for him! He will never get the help he needs if people continue to excuse his behavior or blame others.


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