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don't paint all with the same brush

there is no responsibility to take here. The car turned ,hit the bike,killed the rider ,plain and simple.I have been riding since the late 1950's. I do not weave in and out of lanes at twice the speed limit.or any of those things you throw about. some do , that's wrong and very dangerous.There has not even b een a hint that this rider did anything a car/motorcycle encounter the bike always loses, and almost without exception, it is not his fault.
as an example of attitudes of drivers, last tuesday afternoon, I was riding my bike near shiphyardm and carolina beach road. As usual I am extremely diligent in watching cars stopped on the side. A young girl, an a cell phone,looked my way, saw it was JUST A BIKE, pulled out into my lane and stopped ,waitin g for a chance to continue across. i was traveling the speed limit,slammed on brakes slid sideways and stopped safely.i blew my horn,and the girl looked at me gave me the finger and drove on..... I will not take any responsibility for what ha[ppens to me at least once a month,,,, in this city and county


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