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They were certain of their

They were certain of their responsibilities and surroundings, to the best of their ability. Do you expect people to be perfect? We live in an imperfect world and even when someone is being completely careful and 100% aware of their surroundings, things can still happen. She absolutely did not see the guy, even after looking and making sure she was good to go. Yes, it is tragic. However, it is still an accident. I understand the other family is suffering greatly, but do you honestly think her/her family is not suffering? Do you not understand the guilt and grief she feels? No, you don't, until it happens to you. It was an accident, and saying anything otherwise is insensitive and ignorant. You can act like you are so caring by wanting justice, but if you can be that insensitive to what is happening with her, then you aren't a caring person at all. This is absolutely tragic, for BOTH families.


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