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car drivers need to take responsiblity

I don't drive or ride a bike and I think your comment is totally wrong to blame bike riders. I have had more close calls with people driving cars than bikes. Everyday I see someone driving a car and breaking some kind of traffic law or acting stupid behind the steering wheel of a car. Just a few days ago I had two young girls yelling at me when it was the driver of their car who broke the law. I had a green light to make a right hand turn, they had the green light making a u turn with a sign by their light that states u turn traffic yield to right turn. They were yelling at me that I needed to learn what the colors of a traffic light meant because they had the green light. Of course they did, but with the yield to right turn traffic sign also. So I think they need to go back to driving school to learn to read and follow traffic laws. I know when I have a green light I can go, but in this town I look before I turn and if I had not been paying attention that day I would have hit them. Bikers and car drivers alike need to follow ALL traffic laws and drive safely.


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