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Why is a city that cannot

Why is a city that cannot even provide decent roads, spending taxpayer money on something that it does not need and cannot afford? When Bill Saffo was campaigning for re-election he said that Wilmington cannot afford a taxpayer funded stadium. Is there anyone out there who can tell us what has happened between then and now to enable Wilmington to be able to afford a taxpayer funded stadium?

They were talking about the bond referendum being a way for the voters to let their voices be heard. Why are they talking about entering into final agreements when they have yet to let the voters' voices be heard? I will tell you why. It's because they will come back after the vote in November and tell the people that it doesn't matter what they want because they have already signed the contracts. That is exactly what they told the taxpayers about the convention center except that the agreements for the convention center were entered into after the votes.

So Wilmington, don't let these crooked politicians fool you. If they sign a contract before November, it will not matter what you say at the polls. They are pushing this through whether you like it or not. And while they are sitting back and enjoying their money-lined pockets, you will be footing the bill for a stadium you don't need while bouncing along the terrible roads in Wilmington.


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