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Your "assumptions" are totally facts aren't

Greensboro, NC's third largest city? Big deal...nothing there, too many people in a hurry. ACC? big deal..not much of a view. Nothing there but a smelly sports arena. PGA? big deal, another golf course. Nothing there. for those with your scairdy-cat attitude that are afraid to go swimming, we peeps who just happen to enjoy nature, beauty, serenity and the great variety of activity afforded by our wonderful coastal region, We simply do not rely on sports activities as baseline "entertainment". We just have far too may valuable avenues for that and enjoy our great diversity.

Let me explain a few basic facts my dear IQ challenged friend. First of all, the only "economic development" that Wilmington needs is for the City Council to develop a way to properly spend the taxpayers money and NOT against the taxpayer wishes. We have no problem in getting tourists in and out of this area every summer.

My opinion of the "City of Wilmington" is only marred by the unproductive and self-serving interests of the current city council, I happen to love the town and our entire region.

It is quite pitiful and somewhat enigmatic where you "ballpark supporters" (A.K.A. riverfront swill-land developers) like to throw accusatory, socio-economic comments at those that simply disgree with you while accompanied by real facts. This further reinforces our understanding of your futility and the panic you endure of you hopeless efforts to rid yourselves of that land. We additionally understand your purpose of self-motivation without regard for the remaining taxpayers best interests.

You invite me to "venture" beyond Burgaw and think you know what I can afford and what I can't? Well, listen here Mr. Sudsy, you can take all of your famous prognostications, your obviously "High standard of living" and cart it all the way to Greensboro to be with your ACC and your PGA, while experiencing economic projects in the 3rd largest city in NC. STAY THERE!!! In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy the seabreeze, wonderful weekends on the beach, boating in the ICW and catching yellowfin Tuna offshore.
You see...the point is, we do not need and do not want a 40 million dollar ballfield to be set-up on contaminated riverside dirt and to be funded by taxpayers!

Greensboro calls YOU loudly and clearly!


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