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Please, Duke, decide which criteria it is you feel a survey is credible. Back in May you supported 2 surveys with only marginally higher numbers but included many people who WERE NOT registered Wilmington voter. For example, of the 1000 people surveyed in the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Poll, only 69% were registered voters in the city. That's 690, or by your comparison a little more than 2/3 0f 1% of voters and you called it a "solid survey with high turnout" because it feebly supported your agenda. The Chamber's survey was also not random as it was mailed directly to business owners and names supplied by the Wilmington Convention and Visitor's Bureau. No, clearly these people aren't biased by their potential financial gain.

I wish you could make up your mind. When a survey is open to those who have no financial responsibility to pay this debt or is specifically directed at those who will gain substantially shows marginal support for a stadium, you call it solid, professionally done, and positive proof. When a survey conducted by someone not on the city's payroll asks a RANDOM sample of registered voters, it suddenly isn't valid. You could double or even triple that sample size to match the Chamber Survey and those numbers would change very little.

Please list your credentials that support your experience in statistical analysis or determining sampling size that should somehow supercede that of the Civitas Institute.


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