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Think Chuck think

What else could go on that land, chuck
Think real hard

Here's the problem - you're so enamoured with baseball you'e blinded yourself to other uses for that property to include an office park.
Imagine putting 500 people down town every day as opposed to 70 days.
Thsi would have a far grater impact on our local economy than a stadium would any day
So why wasn't it discussed? The NSS survey failed to consider substitutive uses for that property to do comparison studies.
A better way to do this would have been for the city to use a more independent firm to perform the economic impact study, but Mandalay recommended NSS to the city, and they just said OK.
Thinking big can lead to big failures Chuck, and no one has addressed the true potential for that land - they've ONLY looked at a ball park. I've got no problem NOT putting a stadium on that property.
Waves ere strike on, Port City Roosters were strike two. Right now I see a pitch I don't want to swing at.
I'd rather wait till I get one to my liking. This is the 3rd serious interest in 20 years. At that rate we won't have to wait too long.



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