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True, But How many employees will get robbed or killed because some sorry A$$ Worthless crack head is to lazy to work? I'm tired of hearing " I can't find work" Their are jobs to be had. Some will not take them because the job only pays $8-$9 per hr. So they feel why
should they do that when they can make few hundred in just a few mins. Until these Anti- gun wimps get a clue it's a 50-50 chance will I get robbed or murdered tonight when employees make bank drops at night. It's time to stop letting Crimnals run our lives to work with there schedule. It's sad when we elect Sen./Gov. Congress to help protect our rights inturn they tuck tails and run & hide and give in. It's one thing to say We don't need guns and the rules for legal gun owners should have less rights when you have a bodyguard with you and at or near your home at night. What about the ones that have to look out for ourselfs? Don't get me wrong 911 is a great thing to have when needed, But when it takes 15-20 mins or longer that time can be FOREVER, and ALOT can happen in the time. from SAFE to DEAD in less then a few foot steps.


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