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Ahhh, Kevin Mauer's back in

Ahhh, Kevin Mauer's back in town, so I guess we can count on more stories singling out Brian Berger.

Look, is Brian a terrible, terrible commissioner? Of course. Are these other people terrible commissioners as well? Yes, probably so, at least in the case of Thompson and Barfield almost certainly so.

Let's take a look at one lie, or "misleading statement" Thompson said during the campaign trail, before voters had the sense to kick him out. He said that spending had gone down ...whatever amount since he became County Commissioner. The reason for that was because the county gave away water and sewer service, so they were doing less. If you look at all other spending besides that, the county budget has increased quite a bit. Why would no one call him on that? No knowledge? No inclination? It's blatant.

As far as using their position for personal gain, I've heard that both Barfield and Thompson take advantage of those "perks" quite a bit. From what I've heard the indication seems to be that Barfield takes advantage of them most of all. Why is this never reported? Why are Barfield's "campaign promises" never brought up?

Kevin, broaden your scope, because people are sick of just reading about Berger when they know more is going on.


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