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So which one of the dirty former LPD cops are you

or are you Delapia's wife?? Jon David had a conflict of interest from the begining when he kept turning a blind eye because his drinking buddy Chief Jayne was up to no good. In fact I know first hand from a friend that all 4 of you (including Jayne) are dirty and Im expecting the SBI has enough to at minimum get your Law Enforcement Certifications PERMENANTLY revoked and at best you'll end up being in a cage with the GP who'll just love to get ahold of a dirty cop like you. So I guess your only hope is to do your time in basically solitary unless you wanna get shived. You guys were nothing but BULLIES period and BTW threatening to arrest my wife for not forgetting to sign her registration is a joke and any magistrate would have laughed at your (deleted), refering to Blasingame.. Enjoy your life flipping burgers or maybe if your lucky you can get a job as a rent a cop for $8 an hour guarding a vacant construction lot but only as unarmed because non of you should be issued a firearm for duty purposes since apparently at least one of you has issues with pulling your service peice in the station.


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