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Another one pops out of his hole

Well, first what is your vested interest in this?

"...Baseball in North Carolina as a whole is huge..." Where in North Carolina? If it is so huge, why is there no Major or even AAA team in Charlotte?

"...give Wilmington national attention..." What were you smoking or injesting? With the exception of Durham, which gained its national attention thanks to Kevin Costner and the movie, what other city anywhere has national attention thanks to its minor league baseball team?

"...I have not met one college student that opposes this project. With the 12000 plus students at UNCW, and Cape Fear..." This one is laughable. How many of these 12,000 plus students have you met and interviewed for their position on baseball? Many of them note they are challenged financially to make ends meet and pay tuition. So where is all of this disposable income going to appear from?

"...Correctly managed, the stadium would be sold out every night..." You have to be on drugs to make such a post and expect folks not to laugh. There is not one minor league team, anywhere, which is sold out every night. Even the vaunted study, by NSS, which the proponents have been waving around, noted there would be far fewer in attendance.

You have given the opponents further proof that those with a vested interest in getting the river front land sold and a ball park built at all costs will stop at nothing to try to fling this albatros around the city taxpayers' necks and send Wilmington over the brink of fiscal bankruptcy.


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