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I'm just a little bit

I'm just a little bit confused by this article. I was at the scene and seemed to remember witnesses reporting multiple attackers on Sam Flinn and his friend. Reports from other people at the scene immediately after the incident were that Sam's friend was held down and beat by more than one man. Reading this article you think that Sam's friend decided to attack Jeffery Collins and Sam Jumped into help. This report seems to ignore every witness's statement. It's pretty convenient for Jeffery that Sam nor his friend were able to get back to the house and seek help only ten feet away, making the only witnesses to the actual fight the friends of Jeffery-who's party he had just left. Sam is made to look at fault in this report for his partying, while there is no mention of Jeffery. Probably because he fled the scene. It seems to me that the Wilmington DA has turned a murder into an anti drug campaign. They fail to mention Sam's prescription to XANAX. I wonder if the Jena 6 has anything to do with their decision not to prosecute?


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