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your just as bad as Collins.

Guestrapper, I'm going to reply to your last comment, and no longer as anonymous because all that is is being cowardly like Collins, his juvenile friends, and now you. My name is Megan Powell and I wrote the previous comment of 'so completely upset'. I was a friend of Sam Flinn and have been since 4th grade. And just so you know, he had more going in life that partying like you and everyone like to make it seem and I just wanted to clear that up. I am in awe that you would respond to this report by taking the side of Collins. This isn't even about taking sides anymore, it's about serving justice for committing MURDER. What if Sam was one of your friends, would you still be taking sides of the person who killed HIM? I think not. So how about you do your best to not respond to any of these reports with your insignificant comments and have some respect for Sam's family and friends. Oh and one more thing, like you said earlier "there is no future in alcohol and drugs" which is your opinion,but it really sucks that Collins and his friends get to live a future free of charges after committing murder.


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