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Tragic accident

This is no doubt a tragedy for all involved. This was a good old fashioned fist fight that ended terribly. This young man engaged in a fight with another young man. Happens every day in America. No charges are filed because in the United States, you have a right to defend yourself with JUSTIFIABLE means. The boy who was attacked didn't hit him with a brick, shoot him or stab him. He punched him in the chin. That is self defense to the letter. Unfortunately, a one in a million accident occurred. Maybe the other boys should have stayed and called 911 when he didn't immediately get up. But ask yourself this; when you were a teenager and got into a fight, when the fight was over, did you hang around? No you didn't. A bunch of KIDS being kids handling things with their fists instead of GUNS and KNIVES. The DA is 100% correct no to prosecute. Now the families move on and we as society try to figure out a way to PREVENT it from happening again. Everyone needs to keep all these kids and their families in your prayers. One family is burying a child and another child has to live his life knowing he killed someone. Albeit an accident, someone is still dead and you can't change that.


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