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Listen Up

First of all, the wording that is being used by the media about the conditions of the police "finding" Sam's body needs to be changed. I was at the home when my friend Sammy was killed. We, at the home, found him, not the police. We called 911; they didn't just stumble across his body. (They don't deserve that much credit.) They make it out to be that no help was sought and that we just left him there. That’s not the case at all. What the news also doesn’t tell you is that he was prescribed Xanax. I cannot believe these clowns are turning this into an anti-substance rally and more importantly, letting a murderer walk free. Yes there was underage drinking, but you're an idiot if you think this is the only time that happens. The murderer, Jeffrey Collins, is of legal age but we have no idea how drunk or high he was. Why is that I wonder? Because after using "justifiable force", he fled the scene. Most people that are "attacked" for no reason (as he says he was) report it to the police; this guy ran and hid. Isn't it convenient that the criminal justice major was able to talk his way out of any charges at all? I thought so too. I wonder what happened to the other two guys that were identified as being with Collins when this happened. I find it remarkable that Collins was able to kill Sammy and injure his friend pretty badly all on his own. The real deal is that Sammy and his friend walked out front of the house and while they were talking, saw a group of guys (with Collins), and offered to sell Lil’ Wayne concert tickets to them. The group made a comment about the rapper, Sam’s friend made one back, and the group of guys Collins was with jumped Sammy and his friend. Thank you Mr. DA for not filing charges against those for underage drinking. I thought you had a homicide investigation to press charges for. Maybe you now that you have all this free time, you can spend it fighting the more important crime--underage drinking. If he would have been completely sober, would the circumstances be different? Would charges have been filed? Why aren’t charges being brought against this man for killing someone else? Period.


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