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Good call Ben, at least we have a good DA here.

First of all I think Ben David is a lazy and biased DA. I think that maybe all of this bs media and rumors and political bullshit got to his head. Also, I don't appreciate at all how our friend is now being slandered and his killer is like a freakin Saint. Sorry he didn't know he could step outside to smoke a cigarette in a safe neighborhood without being jumped by several men probably much drunker than him. Also, when Sam's friend comes in the house screaming for help and basically running for his life, it kind of points me in the direction of NOT SELF DEFENSE. Personally I think that Mr. Collins should take a moment and realize that he killed someone for no reason. Also, I think that Mr. David should realize what the hell he's doing letting a murderer off. I don't know where his testimonies came from but i sure never saw nor heard any of that. I can assure you at a party with all of us "drunken idiot kids", if a fight broke out there would be more than two people outside, especially when we were all close friends. Anyways, has anyone ever heard of a two-sided fight that lasts less than 10 minutes with one side of the fight walking off not wounded, and the other side with one dead and one with very visible facial injury. Dig deep into your brains people and think about it.


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