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Murder is defined by law, and it requires an intent to kill someone. IF the person striking the victim, he certainly is a victim, had NO intent, it is not murder under the law. If the person who left a comment was at the scene and disagrees with police statements, the reporter(s) should dig a little deeper to find out if there were any issues. "Race" is a, in my opinion, misused term. There is one race--the Human Race. Everything else may be ethnicity or something else... Jena 6 is a separate case. The "attackers" there are guilty of a crime--perhaps they should not have been prosecuted as an adult. The "news," whether paper/print or otherwise, has limited space and rarely gets all of the relevant information into a "bit" or story. Facts, after the fact, are hard to come by--I went to the NAACP's web-site to get "facts" on what happened at Jena, but I didn't see many there, and I don't see "much" in the news either. Rather, everyone seems to be focusing on what causes "issues" or "disagreement." I think the news, print or otherwise, is now like an entertainment show--concerned more for ratings (and ad revenue and viewer numbers) than actually reporting facts. Sad, but it seems like it is true...


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