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Alcohol, Pot, and Xanax

The above mentioned mixed together in a a person who is a FOOL would have been the sign something was very wrong with this person. If this young man was perscribed xanax the doctor and the pharmasist would have told him no alcohol or any other drugs without checking with us first. That combo is deadly together. His mind was fried because of it and he chose to get involved in something that was not his business. Kids seem to think because their friends have a problem with something or some one it gives them the right to jump in the middle of it. This kid did and now he is DEAD any time two or more people attack another person it becomes an unfair fight and the one being attacked has every right to defend themselves in a reasonable way as in this case reasonable force was used to repell an attack. It's sad that college students think filling their bodies with every known substance is the thing to do when mommie and daddy aren't watching or did they learn it from them who knows. What we do know is the lives of everyone at that party has been changed forever some will learn form what happened and quit this crap and others will smoke,drink, and take more pills because they are to stupid to realize this could have been them laying on a slab getting carved up by the doctor doing the autopsy. GROW-UP no one is superhuman.


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