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To my White Population:

We need to stop blaming over races for our faults and problems, we have been doing this from the very start of American Colonialism. Sam was on Xanax, not to be takin while consuming alcohol, and he was high. You cant compare it to the Jena 6, because no one was under the influences of "drugs" at Jena High.... Period As much as I love the advancement of my white people, i love to see the advancement of All Races. It hurts me to see my fellow white brothers saying such slanderish racial remarks. I would punch my own white brother if he were attacking me in a harmful manor, that is just human instinct and we can not fully say what we would do unless we were in that situation. So We must stop Monday Morning Quarterbacking from our computers and get the facts from the DA at the UNCW Homepage, and then express our thought intelligently


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