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In response to Mr. Walters,

In response to Mr. Walters, who has chosen to bash Sam and his decision to involve himself in an altercation concerning one of his friends, I am very shocked at your nerve. If you are really trying to say that Sammy should not have gotten involved and helped his friend, then YOU are a coward and have no spine. If someone's friend is in trouble, regardless of the circumstances, any NORMAL person's instinct would be to assist them. Obviously, this is a hard time for many people, as Sam was so loved by everyone he came across and comments like this are really insensitive, especially if you are too ignorant to understand the circumstances surrounding the situation. The toxicology results are irrelevant to the fact that a 20-year-old, who had his whole life to live, is dead for NO REASON. I, as well as many others, am angered by these rediculous comments, blaming Sam and even pinning some of the responsibility on his parents. And by the way, Charles Walters, did you not learn correct punctuation and English in school? Or, perhaps, your brain has been "fried?"


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