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First, you must have missed the part where this was an accident. Then you must have skipped over the part where it was in self defense. Someone throws a punch at me you can bet I WILL react. I assume if I throw a punch at YOU, you would just coward down and cry in a little ball, right? I am not ONE BIT surprised that there is underage drinking in college. When I drank though I understood the consequences of my actions and ensured I wasn't so drunk to the point of making STUPID decisions. I also left parties when drugs came out because something could happen I didn't want to be involved with. The SADDEST part of this whole thing are the college kids that are in total denial of the facts and letting their emotions blind out common sense. If you didn't learn the lesson from this, you will be back out drinking, getting drunk within a few weeks, getting high and this death will have meant NOTHING. You can be mad all you want. FACTS...he was drinking, he was on prescribed medication AND was doing...ILLEGAL drugs...all of those things contributed to the outcome. If you don't think those things contributed to his death, you are in denial because they ABSOLUTELY DID!


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