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NO, you listen up.....

.....and while your at it grow up. Sorry for your loss. Now I'm going to explain a few things to you. First, everybody knows that you guys called 911,(and a neighbor who also complained about the party). When the News people say Police found a body tonight, it dosent mean they are trying to take credit for it. They don't get bonuses for "finding" dead bodys any more than writting underage drinking tickets. So your little snide comment of "They don't deserve that much credit" you can shove up your snot nose little ass. You don't want the Police to come to your dead friend don't call 911. Second,"letting a murderer walk free." THERE WAS NO MURDER! An arguement could be made for involuntary manslaughter, but I don't have all the info from the investigation so unlike you and your young friends I'll pass on that. It's 100% not MURDER so stop calling it one. Third, (this one I laughed out loud about) "Isn't it convenient that the criminal justice major was able to talk his way out of any charges at all?" I've never found any UNCW or CFCC Criminal Justice Major to have the vaugest of ideas whats going on in that field (myself included when I was just a young wanna-be CJ kid). Had Sam been sober it would not have changed the results from the decision by the DA. When two people activly engage in a fight then bad stuff can happen. But don't play "what if's" or "coulda, woulda, shouda's" because thats not what happened. It is what it is and hopefully all of you will learn from this. This has everything to do with underage drinking, drugs and a lack of responsible behavior on everyones part. No single person is to blame unless you want to blame Lil Wayne, he's a thug. Funny how a guy died and somehow this Gangsta Crapper's name comes up.


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