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No morale values

RIP sammy all i have to say is this justice system is garbage.My friend has now died in vien and the case is aparently closed.They flee from the scene,are on drugs as well and they try to say its self defense.It shouldnt matter if it was a accident,Collins should have enough morale value to know his wrongings.Like someone said kid in florida has life in jail for practicing wrestling moves on his nieghbor,they both agreeded to do it and it turned out bad.He ends up in jail for the rest his life and yet Sammys kiler walks away with just heart full of guilt(I hope).Sam didnt desreve this , and you people are thinking this is about alchol and people need to wake up.There are too many scenerios that i could use to demonstrate accidents that happen but you still are responsible no matter what.In the end God knows the truth.I dont wish death apon anyone but i hope this kid gets whats coming to him whether it be life of guilt or jail time. God will have to make up for the lack of this justice system.Man up and take responsibilites for your action.You killed a kid with your bare hands and you run away, and you get away with it.KARMA's a B**** oh and PS. if you think this is about underage drinking and it wouldnt of went down like it did, then you are the ignorant one.R.I.P. SAMMY


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