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I just read the comments posted by all you people who have no idea what in the hell you are talking about! First off, you shouldn't be bashing a dead person and saying he deserves what he got! You IDIOTS were not there and don't know him so shut your damn mouths. I showed up at the scene of the crime shortly after Sam Flinn's "MURDER", and have to say that I'm very upset with the police departments investigation! Did any of you know that the police failed to get statements from many of the people that were there? I saw many people just walk away from a murder scene unquestioned! This is including many of Sams close friends that came out from the house as soon as their friend came in saying they were just jumped. THis is includinmg the friends that were holding Sam in their arms when the police arrived. How the hell does this happen? There needs to be some justice here! This was not a case of self defense! Here's why: Collins and his entourage trespassed onto the property where Sam Flinn and his friend were. SELF DEFENSE??? Sam and Friend = 2 Collins and friends = 3 (possibly 4 ppl as stated by some eyewitnesses) SELF DEFENSE??? The attackers ( Collins and friends) came back to the scene of the crime a couple minutes after the assault! There was another confrontation with words when these idiots came back! By this time some of Sams friends from in the house were outside taking care of him and had already called the police. There was almost another confrontation but it didn't happen because they found out the police were coming. Collins and associates asked friends of mine if "they wanted to end up like their friend (Sam)?" HOW IS THIS SELF DEFENSE??? SO lets see.... the DA is putting all his eggs in one basket on the statement that Collins and friends made. The 3 or 4 males had plenty of time to get their stories straight before turning themselves in. On the other side however, we have the statement of one single person involved in the fight. The other person involved, unfortunately can't tell his side of the story because his was murdered. With that said, all you people who are talking out of your ass....just shut your mouths! You have no right to comment and make light of someone departed. He did not deserve what happened and he needs justice! I don't care if he was smoking crack and shooting heroine that night.... it's not what caused him to die.Several Blows to the head is what caused his tragic death. Do you people know that his attackers were also drinking and under the influence? So should they have died too? Sam Flinn was an amazing person from what I knew of him. He was always smiling and laughing. He was a very easygoing young man. He was in college and going to make something of his life. He will be greatly missed.


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