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I'm not a college "kid" nor am I a student of any kind. I just want to say that I've been following this case with disgust at how narrow minded and ignorant native Wilmington people seem to be on the whole. I moved here 4 years ago and I continue to be surprised how many of you turn a blind eye to tragic situations in favor of pretending it's all ok. I moved here right as your police department was spending thousands to investigate low morale. I hear it's no better now. This town has a long history of cruelty toward those who are different and I suppose that the college "kids" are the one group left that you can all still abuse without being labeled as racist. This man lost his life. Another man took his life. All some of you can talk about is xanax and alcohol and pot. Guess what? If you want to talk about normal... then understand that normally, no one dies when using any of those substances. Thousands of people do the same thing every day and maybe one person is killed in this way. Don't blame the substances for the decision of MEN! I have been sending out resumes to get out of this area. You people have a lot of work to do before you catch up to the rest of the world.


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