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Are You People Serious

Read all these blogs? What a laugh. This 20 year old man obviously had no business even being a second part in an altercation. Xanax, marijuana, alcohol? Stimulants, anti-depressants- thats a deadly combination alone! This kid may have been a great guy, good friend,etc. however and old scientific theory states- "For Every Action there is a Re-action." That is also Fact. There was an action, Mr. Collins reacted and although the results were unfortunate this could lead to revelation of College Age kids awarness of effects of drug use. I know Mr. Collins personally. He is from a middle class family, from a small town in Rural Eastern NC that most of you probably don't even know exists. Mr. Collins is a well rounded, smart young man who has excelled in atheletics and academics his whole life. Note: He has not the first mark on a RAP sheet. Just think about what he has to live with everyday of his life now. WHat if he is put in this situation again and doesn't react? The outcome? Also if most of you blogging know so much of the incident, why didnt you try to prevent this? Why didn't you hang around? Those questions may never be answered either? To all the left wing liberals, your comments are always amazing when dealing with a controversial issue. As I will stand alone and say this was a fluke- 1 in a millions odds- of being struck on the chin and killed Mr. Collins is not a Murderer. NC General Statues prove that with clauses of someone willingly and intently causing death of another. Please folks, always look at the whole box and not half of it. Put yourself in both sets of shoes and think of the actions and reactions. "If the only tool you provide a man is a hammer, every situation he faces is a nail"


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