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Your post assumes that he

Your post assumes that he was given a prescription for the xanax. Everybody knows that this is a common street drug. Yes, you need a prescription to attain it "legally," but unless this kid had a prescription for it, you can safely assume that he purchased it off the street, probably from the same dealers who sold him the marijuana. Either way, he was taking three controlled substances. If some guy who was high as a kite jumped me, I'd hit him in the jaw too. And for those who think he was beaten to death, did the autopsy provide any evidence that he received any blows except for the ONE blow to the jaw? If so, then this may warrant some further investigation. If not, then yeah, this was a freak accident. It's uncommon, but not impossible for a person to die from a single blow to the jaw. I'm sick of race being thrown out every time there's an altercation of folks with two different shades of skin. I'm sick of racism. I'm sick of reverse racism. I'm sick of affirmative action. I'm sick of all this crap. Grow up, every last one of you, and move on!!!


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