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Don't be manipulated

After all of the "accounts" from the media and the "findings" from the DA's office via the police, it is easy to see how Hitler succeeded in taking over an educated industrial country. Don't believe everything you read or see in the media. The facts are not clear since the only witness to rebut 5 liars is dead. So, you have 5 people coordinating their story against one person who was suffering from a concussion, had not slept for over 30 hours, had a knot the size of a baseball on his head and had his friend die in his arms. What type of police takes a statement under these circumstances? No race issues but simply no way to rebut liars. This has very little to do with drugs or alcohol but a great deal to do with folk looking to start a fight. How can five folk be scared of one guy offering concerts tickets? If it is self defense, why was that person held and beaten? Self defense? This is about rage not race. You people aren't safe. If everyone is so hung up on the alcohol and drug deal, then make it a dry county if you are really serious about it. Drugs are a convenient excuse here since the victim simply went to defend his friend who had been jumped by two or three scared people. Justice will be up to God but you people need to question more and type less. You are all being manipulated and simply don't realize it.


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