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No one deserves to die

I also have been following this case and my heart goes out to Sam's family and friends. Drinking and smoking pot is going on in high schools and colleges, its been that way for decades. That does not mean kids are bad kids or they deserve to die. Those kids could of walked away from from Reece and all Sam did is to try to help his friend. Where does it say he punched anyone, where does it say any of those 3 or 4 kids where hurt. How is helping a friend and getting murdered, and yes it is murder when you take a life, justify letting Collins get away with murder? Did Collins go to the funneral and show any remorse? I think the cops are 100% wrong, he needs to pay for his actions and that punch had to be pretty hard to kill him. I don't know if this has anything to do with race, but in my mind, it does not matter if your black, white, green or anything else, if you take a life its murder and you should be punished. This should be at least a man slaughter charge. I hope the kid that did this lives in hell for ever.... If he is any kind of man he should stand up and take responabilty for his actions and show some remorse!! I pray for Sam and his family, I pray that justice will be served and once the family is able they will press charges. There needs to be justice for taking a life. If someone drives drunk and kills someone they are charged, this is no different, Mr Collins needs to pay. You are a Murder and how you live with yourself is beyond me. Mr. David if this happened to your kid what would you be doing differently? How come none of the storeies match? Who were the witnesses that saw all this happened? Who was not drinking or on drugs? Did you test Jeffery Collins and his friends? I think if you dig deeper and the police did there job better, the outcome would be different. Its not to late to drug test them all and I think it is wrong to make Sam out to be this person that drinks and does drugs. If you drug tested every student in college I would bet more than half smoke pot and drink.....Sam did not start the fight and he did not deserve to die....Jeffery Collins needs to be punished!!


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