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This is crazy!!!!

I can not believe how you are justifying the death of this young man!! How do you live with yourself? There should have been at least manslaughter charges. There is no justice in this case!! I hope you and Jeffery Collins rot in hell!!! Sam did not deserve to die and that punch had to be pretty hard to kill him. No matter how you slice this...he was murdered and Jeffery Collins did it and to blame drinking, drugs, and everyone else is just unbelievable. College kids drinking and smoking pot has been going on for decades how come the police can not control that...should we blame them too!! Adults are doing the same thing as well I guess everyone that drinks and smoke pot deserves to die!! Your example that you just set for these kids and this community are disgusting and I am sure when this happens again they will use this case as their defense I am embarrass that you are the DA and judging by the comments if we had a jury, Jeffery Collins would be found guilty. My heart goes out to the family and to his friends who were there and know the truth. Jeffery Collins showed no remorse, he left the scene of the crime. Is that the action of an innocent man who claimed self defense? I know it and you know it is not!!!! Maybe you should be honest with yourself if this happened to your child what would you do? I beleive the family is to upset to go though anymore but justice should of came though for them. You and Jeffery Collins have to live with this....I hope it haunts you forever.


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