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Sam Flinn

Guest2 you are absolutely right! I am the parent of a child that was a friend of Sam's and was at the party that night. Sam was an amazing kid who touched so many people's lives. At his funeral, the church was packed to capacity and his hometown greatly feels his loss. The kids who were at the party were with him when he died. They are all devastated. The only thing that could possibly be worse is to watch the way it has been portrayed by the DA and by the media. The kids at the party were from UNCW, and ECU many of them had known eachother since childhood, and most had gone to high school together in Winston Salem. The friend who was outside with Sam, Reece,loved him. Reece invited Collins' group, who were at another party AND WERE DRINKING, to come to their party, they asked them if they wanted to buy concert was Collins response to that offer that set this whole thing in motion. The DA and local media have basically blamed Sam and Reece for what happened to Sam that night...portrayed Collins as the victim...I am speechless...What happened to the testimony of Sam's friends? They are devastated by the loss of such a sweet and loyal friend and disillusioned by a system that would allow this false portrayal of events


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