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To Start,my heart goes out to the family of Mr. Flinn, this is indeed a tragedy in more ways than one, a life has been taken uselessly and a progressive future destroyed for no real reason. I have read most of the comments made on this story alot have merit when it comes down to responsibility others are just mean and stupid. To cover all aspects of this one needs to be (unfortunatley)cold and objective, in fact race does play a part in this why you ask what started the fight to begin with?. Also Mr flinn did not start the fight simply interviened,poor judgement maybe but not a death offence. Drugs and alchohol big part of the problem most assuredly as was stated in another comment somthing that has been going on since who knows when the dawn of colledge. Justice? theres the question of the day,in the eyes of the court system someone ultimatlt is responsible for any thing that happens in the scope of law. Should charges be filed most definatly,our laws are set up to protect all people undr most circumstances for example, any or all persons involved in this tragedy sould have been charged with assault in one form or another,such as Assault Inflicting Serious Injury NC 14-32.4 affray kinda vauge but there Ethnic Intimidation 14-401.14 and many others that could have been used but were not the question should be why?. The DA made a statement that was rather open ended I guess thats whats known as CYA also if there is the possibility of charges being filed they should be and usually are in cases like this were A judge really needs to make this type of decision when it comes to who is responible not just the chain of command, and do not forget that that we live in a society were its the JUST-US system not always the justice system,there are many things to consider and this case ALL things should be.


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