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Civitas Institute Poll?

Calling the work the Civitas so-called "institute" does as impartial or balanced is like saying FOX NEWS is "fair and balanced." Neither Civitas or FIXED NEWS are impartial, fair, or balanced!

Polling 300 people as a representative sample is crazy! How they ask the questions is unprofessional. And WWAY3 reporting their results as news is very very disappointing. This isn't news! It's a "pot shot" at the Mayor.

These people are the same people who are the John Locke Society. The same people who are Americans for Prosperity. They are Art Pope attack groups! Attacking the Mayor on baseball, or annexation for that matter, is only the tip of the spear. There's more coming!

Polling is a science. It is a statistical process which will take a "sample" of a group or class of people and that "sample" should, within a margin of error, demonstrate a possible election outcome or, better yet, they can take the temperature of a community. What Civitas and the JLS, or AFP does, is actually "art." They paint a picture. They sell a story. This was NO poll! Do better reporting!


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