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I have 2 comments and a question or 2.

The questions first,

Are you finally coming out of the closet and conceding you & some of the other proponents have a vested interest?

You indicate you and your group have plenty of experience in sales and marketing. Tell me please, as I have many years of experience in both fields, which school did you all attend where they taught you should take a pointed stick and poke opponents in the eye? Remember, if this fails in a couple of years, those same opponents may lead an effort to sue for driving what will have been predicted as a financial albatross on the city.

You also note how strong your position is. Maybe it is, I don't know.

But, in 1948, if you know anything about history and politics, Thomas Dewey was the hands down projected winner of the Presidential election against incumbent Harry Truman. There were occassions when Trumn's campaign was literally out of money & he would make personal appeals to supporters for funds to keep the election campaign on track. And at the end of the day, it was the underfunded, underdog Harry Truman who won the election.

I guess we'll see in November where the chips fall.

My final comment to the guys you so viciously attack. You must be getting to Duke and his band. Keep it up.


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