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Hey Chuck

I'm glad to be a part of the Fab five and I'm willing to "sacrifice" a baseball stadium to insure my city doesn't go further into debt. I'm also glad you have an agenda because the more the pro baseball side speaks the more solid the opposition becomes.
Lets see NSS did a flawed economic impact survey
The Chamber did an invite only survey that didn't ask hard questions
Civitas has conducted 2 polls showing the general population against the stadium funding by taxpayers
Civitas also shows that the general population does NOT consider the Mayor and 3 council members fiscally responsible
The County Commissioners slammed the door on helping the city pay for Billy's Baseball Boondoggle as the city begged the county for a bigger share of tax revenue AND begged the commissioners to allow voluntary annexation which the county is vehemently against.
Now we find the CFPUA is looking at increasing sewer fees by 149%
Do you feel like going back before the County Commissioners asking for money for the ballpark? Like your group has done 4 time already?
Feel like asking for a county tax increase again?
Go ahead and spend your $150,000 - $50K of which is coming from a guy that owes back taxes on the "stadium land" and who would profit from it's sale......
The polling indicates the potential for a large scale change in the Mayors office and council and the majority says they don't spend money wisely.
Go ahead, rent your billboards I'm sure Mandalay will do a "professional" job on the media blitz.
BTW - I heard that Mayor Saffo will be on one of the billboards.
Showing him lying down in orange shorts and a tank top with an owl on it looking seductively at drivers as they come off the CF Memorial bridge with the caption "Baseball is belly belly good for Wilmington"
Is this true? Why, how professional!!! It's a "Hoot"(ers)
Honestly Chuck - think the votes will approve a tax hike considering what the CFPUA is about to do AND the city is looking at 3cents for street repair already?



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