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Yeah we kinda got 'ol Chuck riled up on the Star News blogs too.

I have been wondering about which marketing school he went to as well.
But here's how this should have worked:
Mandalay/Braves come in and say "NO cost to the city" - city applauds - citizens happy - ballpark is built - park is packed the first year or two.

They almost followed the script but instead we got:
Mandalay/Braves come in and say "NO cost to the city" - city applauds - citizens happy - then it was "well you gotta chip in something" which then turned into "No private investors anymore". Citizens now outraged.

What did the marketing arm expect? A bed of roses? Something that was supposed to be free now is costing $57M at a minimum !!! And they expect us to be all warm and fuzzy because it's "baseball", and "America's game"?
So now when the opposition raises a question regarding this project they expect us to believe them by saying "Don't worry Vog it WILL work Mandalay and the Braves re professionals".
Ok so then we point out "well why didn't it work for the Gwinette Braves"? They got antsy. Then when it was pointed out that academic studies PROVED that "the economic impact study "was flawed" they got mad. Finally when the polls started showing growing animosity towards the deal they started poking people with pointed sticks.
Incredulously Chuckles maintains that Tuesdays vote showed the majority FAVORED the deal as the council represents their constituents, therefore they represent the majority opinion.
Of course the vote was NOT for or against he stadium it was for or against letting the voters decide but its the only straw left for him to grasp.
Now that city council has PO'd the County Commissioners, and CFPUA is seeking a big rate increase ALL VOTERS are now PO'd and will take it out on any spending initiative.
Outside forces are not to blame either. Mandalanta did it to themselves...


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