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Funny thing is when I brought it up - you fell for it again.
Dispute their findings of FACT
You see this is what happens when you can't dispute something
You poke fun at the poster or in this case you try to disparage the source - but you NEVER disparage the facts because you can't.
These guys didn't study one team they studied many teams with many stadiums in many cities. Manda"lie" and NSS cherry picked the ones they compared our proposed stadium to and they use estimates and guesses.

Go ahead
Dispute the facts in the studies. You can't so you won't.
Now its time for Terry to trot out Profesor Santos study on PRO stadiums - like the Twins, Vikings,Cardinals etc.
Not one mention of minor league ball parks.
This study was ALL about minor league ball parks.

Wanna talk cost overruns now?
How many in the last decade?
Durham over 26%
Gwinette Braves over 40%

c'mon - who will pay?
I hope contractually it falls to Manda"lie" and Atlanta - otherwise its just another avenue to use to pick our pockets.
No subsidizing of this stadium.


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