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Your comments are beyond offensive

How WWAY even allowed such essentially accusing anybody who is a Christian as being a fat slob is a an insult to about a billion people. Good thing we're not nutjobs like Wahabists Muslims otherwise you'd have somebody making death threats against you. We will forgive you and turn the other cheek.. BTW is Tebow fat??? (check the pics on ESPN if you need to make a judgement call). Oh and BTW where is this reliable health study at? If its done by the same kind of scientists who altered climate data last year at the UN to justify claims of manmade Global Warming. Im old enough to remember the chicken little idiocy of Global Cooling in the 1970s. I wish you liberals would make up your mind. The fact is 99% of the weather has Zero to do with manmade issues. The truth is we cleaned up the air hence more sunlight is coming through which is why temps have been rising (ask any pilot who flew in the 1970s they will tell you its much different now with particulate and other related pollution being nacent compared to the 70s.

You liberals preach understanding and tolerance but only if it fits in your mold of thinking and in reality is your thinking is in the minority. Even California a very liberal state overall passed a law to stop gay marriage but the left wing courts in San Francisco as usual legislated from the bench because the fact is you could never pass your left wing agenda through Congress although your Savior on Pennsylvania Ave has no problem bypassing the Constitution in fact committing such acts that wouldve been Impeachable in the past (and still should be).


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