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Your are so wrong...

Hello Guest7969,

I know the founding documents well. I seem to recall the first amendment starting off a little something like this... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, ... that pretty much sums it up. So if you can't make a law respecting a religions views they have no need in our government. Churches can do as they please as they are a private entity. and I would expect the LGBT community wouldn't want to be married in such a place. A church isn't the only place one can be married i.e.., Park, Beach, Courthouse, Yard, etc. I want separation of church and state. Why would I want your religion and any other exposed to my child just as you wouldn't want islamic children and their culture exposed to yours. If your going to allow prayer in school you open the door for other religions to practice their own form of prayer... Tell me how would you feel if your children came home from school, and said "Mom, Dad we got to pray in school today then this little girl and boy pulled out their rugs and started bowing towards the window"..?? You see you would be opening pandora's box. So keep your religion in your home and church.


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