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Guest 7969 you again are

Guest 7969 you again are completely wrong. For one thing we can't possibly time travel to past events and measure the impact to our current situation. But know this, since the industrial revolution the global consumption of oil, fossil fuels, etc have polluted this planets atmosphere in an unprecedented way. For instance I would bet if you were to travel to Los Angeles in 1870 and compare the atmosphere to today you would be alarmed at the results. We do not know yet the impact we have already caused because we have deprived the planet of it's elements unlike any other in the last 200 years.

Green energy is not a scam if you stepped off your soap box for a minute you would realize that recycled energy or "Natural" energy is better for the planet than digging a hole and extracting it from the earth. You do know that oil has a vital function to the survival of this planet and we need an alternative means for fuel. Oil keeps the earths core fueled so we keep spinning. once we deplete the core of it's fuel because we need it more, we are in big trouble.

As for the price of everything we can only blame the people selling... it's called supply and demand... it has nothing to do with Republican and Democrat. If Romney were to win the Presidency gas prices would remain above $3 a gallon, bread would stay the same... etc.


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