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Bail bondsmen and attorneys

This is a sad story. Columbus County is one of the poorest areas in the state of North Carolina. Bail Bondsmen and attorneys seem to thrive at the expense of poor uneducated pillar of the earth citizens. Actually the bail bondsmen and the attorneys have got rich off of the suffering of others and these vulchers have made huge profits from crime and criminals and at the taxpayers' expense. Probably the richest men in this backwards county are the attorneys and bondsmen namely Cartret, Soles and Dennis Worley. Now I see where Cartret owns house arrest offices and his company Tarheel Monitors a/k/a Satelite Tracking of People benefit from taxpayers who foot the prison bills of thugs who rob break kill and steal. Soles lives on the water in his beautiful mansion as does Dennis Worley while Cartret flies his planes over our heads for his district attorney friend Jon David announcing Vote for this or that candidate. I hope these guys find out what its like to go hungry for a day or have to have their power turned out for once. God help those of us less fortunate.


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