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Thank you

It seems that in today's society that people are so quick to judge, they fail to realize that he is a human being and that God loves him no matter what he has done in the past. I am for him and who cares who is against him , there opinion really doesnt matter anyways , when it is all said and done , God will have the final say, and for those that think that they are so much better, here's a wake up call for you; Who do you really think you are and are you considered " The Elite " so high above everyone else that you cant see past the hidden scars and things that have played apart in his life; I almost forgot , How much do you do to help those that are down and need help? For God sent his son to redeem all mankind and if it were just for BJ Wright , he would have suffered the same. We are so quick to judge others , when in fact we have no business doing so. The bible says that "those who judge will be judged in like manner. How do you really stand with God, I do believe the land at "The Cross" is level and all will be judged , so be careful ! Thank you so much for your comment, I am his wife and I love him and I will stand by him through the good times and the bad and will see him fulfill his destiny, God has a purpose and a plan for him and our future; Thank God , that our future is not based upon others opinions. "for I know the plans that I have for you , God said and still says. Please feel free to contact me by way of e-mail. God bless those that still believe in GOOD things,lol. Please keep us in your prayers!


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