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B J Wright

I guess now RC Soles will claim BJ is insane and was trying to commit sucide. RC needs to have his head examined for supporting these boys drug habits. He's not helping them by buying them homes, cars, jet ski's, boats, motorcycles, cash, etc. BJ has never worked a day in his life but has all these things along with a $2500.00 a day drug habit. He demolishes RC's property and RC presses charges and then goes his bond, what is wrong with that picture? BJ should pay the price for his illegal activity and RC needs a shrink !! BJ worried his poor Mother to death with all of this nonsense and RC was the enabler. BJ stole from his Mother and was violet with her and BJ will answer to a higher athority some day and RC won't be there to save him from the hell he put his Mother through.


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